What is mind power?


What is “mind power”? Your mind is what you use to think; power is a form of strength. What you will be able to strengthen your ability to think. Getting your thinking stronger is accomplished by one main skill … becoming conscious. You must be fully aware of your true self, your true situation, your true surroundings and your true life.

An important idea that should remain in your awareness is that there is much more to what you think that exists around you. Let me give you an example. As you live your life, you carry within your belief system that there are certain things that you cannot see with your eyes. You don’t (or rarely) think about these things. You can smell odours but you cannot generally see the odour smell as it travels in the air. You can watch television, but you cannot see the frequency waves coming into your television antenna. You know your food is getting cooked in the microwave, but you can’t see the little microwaves moving around if you look through the glass door. You can hear music sounds from a speaker but you can’t generally see those sound vibrations with your eyes.

You cannot see these things with your physical eyes in everyday living but a part of you is conscious of these seemingly invisible things. What it mean by “a part of you is conscious of these invisible things” is that it is within your reality to believe that the things you can’t see really do exist. Your reality can believe it or can comprehend it without understanding the detailed workings of it. Even though you cannot see these things, you know that they are going on; it is thus within your belief system. If you were holding a cellular phone and someone told you “hey, what really is happening is that your phone is receiving and transmitting frequencies or vibrations that you cannot see with your eyes” … you would not think this to be a bizarre idea. It is within your reality and belief system. 

You are conscious of this on some level if you try to use your cellular phone in a remote location. You know that the airwaves can’t reach you and you might get static. You are acknowledging that the invisible aspect of the cellular phone’s frequency wave (or lack of) is having an effect on you what you are needing to do. You are acknowledging the invisible aspect of things when you put your antenna up in your car in order for the radio to catch the waves better … or when you put on the lead apron before getting an x- ray at the hospital.

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