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Have you ever wondered what mind power is? Do you believe completely that you are the controller of all the behavior patterns? You will be surprised if I tell you that the answer is no. Do you feel strange about this fact? To be precise all the patterns of behavior and thoughts are stored in your subconscious mind through the past and this part of your mind completely controls the unconscious habits and various thought patterns in your life. And mind power is completely concerned with influencing the subconscious mind so that it can be completely filled with positive energy and therefore reforming and transforming one’s life’s energies.

So do you wonder what happens if we don’t use the mind power to know more about subconscious mind? Well, the answer is simple. Your life will continue to be a mess. This is because the subconscious mind is completely filled with various good and bad thoughts and various patterns that make us behave more like an animal than a human being. All these patterns have become registered in the subconscious mind without our interference. Though we have a positive choice we can no way control the subconscious mind and this is the reason why we have filled it predominantly with undesirable patterns of behavior. This is the reason why sometimes the other side of your character comes out and you behave in a strange way. Did this ever happen to you? You don’t remember. Am I right? Fine, I’ll give you an example.

When you are suddenly angry a sudden surge of emotions come and you get carried away with them and what you talk at that moment is not in your control and you might even resort to violence and what you do at that particular moment is completely not in your hands. This comes from your subconscious mind and you are completely under its grip. This is the reason why you need to completely change the content of the subconscious mind so that this will never happen to you again and that you won’t be a victim of unpredictable habitual patterns any more if you have harnessed mind power.

Not only this, there are many other uses of mind power. Through the study of mind power you can also interpret dreams and understand what exactly your dreams are trying to convey about your life to you. Many of the psychologists say that dreams have meaning and there are symbols which are meant to communicate something to you. Many opine that dreams are the only communication between your subconscious mind and your conscious mind. Mind power deals with all these and more.

Have you been fighting with an old habitual pattern? For example if you want to stop smoking, you will try very hard and completely decide that you will never smoke. But the next day, as soon as you wake up, you end up lighting a new fag. Now you know what this is?

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