Thoughts Have the Power


You may have known people who were always stressed out on how much household cleaning they had to do. They would always say with such emotion just how burned out they were and how the cleaning is endless. If they knew a little more about the power that their mind has on their surroundings, then they might not be so eager to jump into a fit about constant cleaning.

For their own powers of their mind was ensuring that there was always a mess or situations to create the constant work. This doesn’t mean that stray thoughts of your car going into the gutter while driving is going to make it happen. Your mind really just makes things happen when you believe and feel it to be true. Besides, most stray negative thoughts just get mixed with all the rest and loose their power quickly. If you’ve ever got mad at someone and wished them dead, you will notice that they didn’t drop dead.

There is a difference between wishing, hoping, craving, and how the mind actually brings you your goals. Your mind is terribly obedient. Your mind will do what you ask (like a genie) if you ask it the correct way!

I guess when people criticize these types of concepts, the big picture that they have to deal with is just how the mind can reach out and manipulate events, people, surroundings, etc. This is a mindboggling thing to think about. Kind of like trying to understand where we all came from and how the universe was created and whom or how was it created.

It is important for you to realize that if you want to be successful in harnessing your mind power to influence and arousing others, there is a portion of knowledge that you need not to worry about.

That portion is the actual scientific workings of how mental energies effect physical surroundings. If scientists have a difficult time trying to prove this, it would be a waste of time trying to explain how it completely works (especially when there are so many different theories out there). I don’t want to waste too much of your time with unnecessary information. You can pursue the physics behind thought power on your own.

What you need to know it that it does work; and you need to know the techniques. You could compare it to driving a car. You do not need to know fully how the car runs and how the engine works in order to use the car. If you know that it does work and the techniques to get it going, then it will serve your needs. The more you know about the engine, the more power to you; but it’s not necessary to know the details in order to actually use the car for running errands or something.

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