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How do you learn? Did you know that you could acquire new skills by exploring how you learn? When you know the best ways to learn, you can use them to your advantage also.

To figure out the way you learn, you can start by exploring. When you sit down to study for school or to do a task for your workplace what methods do you use? Do you feel uncomfortable at some times?

How to win your discomfort:
If you feel uncomfortable, rather than putting aside the task until later, do it now. Let your natural discomforts guide you to successfully completing your tasks on time. Discomfort is a natural process. We all face challenges that we sometimes feel inadequate, fearing that we cannot accomplish the tasks due to incompetence. Don’t allow this way of thinking stop you from unlocking your mind power to attract success.

Rather, take time to delegate. Deputize yourself and put on your suit of armor to challenge the negative elements that tell you, you are incompetence to handling a given task. Devise a plan. Create new ideas by brainstorming and then move to find meaning.

Finding meaning will help you to succeed, since you have a purpose in sight. This is what makes a person successful. When you have a purpose, you know your stand in life and can freely handle your duties to achieve your goals.

With this suit of armor in hand, move to take charge of your life and stay in control; when life gets you down, take the bull by the horns and fight it tooth and nail.

Making new friends:
To make new friends start associating with positive people. Find someone that you share common interest with and start a conversation. Each step you take, you will find it easier and new friends will come your way.

Attract success:
You attract success by unlocking the enemy and battling him head on and then moving to welcome the new friend, you have made. That new friend is you. When you make friends with you, other people will see this and start to like you also. This is a start to success. The more acquaintances you develop from your new findings will put you in the hands of the ringmaster prepared to inform you of new ways to make money.

You also want to let your inquisitive ride. Use your curiosity to explore the channels in life that can help you unlock your mind power and attract success. Focus your attention on your new findings and let it guide you to the middle ring where that bull awaits you. Challenge him head on and continue to battle him until you become the mastermind you desire to become. This bull is your influences of the past (Negative thoughts) which you acquired from people that you had associated with in the past.

Let go of these negative thoughts and start developing positive thoughts so that you can unlock your mind power. (Mind power is mind over matter)

When you see that you have flaws in your personality, take time to develop a willingness to make changes. Rather than fearing change, welcome changes, since it is the road to success.

Once you develop willingness to change you will see your next step clearly, which is to acquire good skills, such as organizing and sorting. Sorting will help you weed through the negative and arrive at the positive. Take the road less traveled to unlock your mind power.

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