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It is evident that stress causes depression. We need to know that “how to open and unlock our mind power to succeed”. Learn to control stress from taking over our lives on a daily basis to block depression from settling in.

Some people get angry, worried, and anxious over nothing because of stress and depression. Their behavior moods will change by over eating, drinking, getting high and lying. Our stomach becomes upset, our bodies become tense and painful causing us to lose sleep and get headaches.

In today’s world there are things we can learn by unlashing our mind power to relieve us of pain and behavior moods swings. Use positive thinking, self-talk to resolving, and relieve stress and depression before it takes control.

Ask Yourself:

Using self-talk ask you “how did I get in this position”? “Why did I make such a bad decision causing me to get angry or lie” use your mind power techniques to unlock and be positive when asking you these things.

Are you hurting because you lied to cover up something you did? Why did you become angry because someone said something the wrong way? People do and say things that they don’t mean to hurt you; maybe your self-talk is saying things to make you think negative thoughts.

Listen to yourself and think about what you are hearing. Are your thoughts negative or positive? Unlock your mind again and make some good decisions about how you can change the negative thoughts to positive ones.

Using positive thoughts ask yourself if you’re making good decisions. Is your decisions sound, or do they need improvement?

Why are you making things seem bigger and worse than they really are. Tell yourself that now you have a headache because you’re worried or angry about something that you have no control of. Don’t put yourself through pain and anxiety if it can be eliminated by not worrying or lying. Unlock your mind power and take control by not lying to yourself or other to make things look worse or better when they aren’t.

To succeed we need to be positive and decide why we are worried about something that hasn’t happened yet. Tell yourself that you’ll feel happier and better about life it you stop worry about things that you can’t control. It doesn’t help when thinking negative thoughts of what is going to happen tomorrow or later. We become more stressed making it harder to communicate at work or with friends.

Did it do you any good?

After asking, you these things look at them in another way. By asking yourself, did it do you any good?

Where did it get you by making things bigger than they were? You only go a stomachache from the lies and stories you told.

The problems that you were worried about were solved a few minutes later. Worrying got you nowhere except for a bigger headache.

Was it worth being angry and mad at you friend once you lost their friendship? Unlock your mind power, see where you went wrong, and apologize to them for being angry.

Remember that when we lie or worry it only makes things worse. Thinking positive and unlocking our mind power using self talk will make us realize that lies and worrying will only get worse as time goes on. We lose friends and money by being angry and upset.

Ask yourself why and where it got me except I lost my job or a friend. I became sick because I worried or lied to cover up something that wasn’t even important.

Positive self-talk and unlocking our mind power will get us along ways to success, money, and friends.

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