Hypnosis-The advantages and disadvantages of hypnosis


Each individual has a different perception of what hypnosis is there are some who agreed that hypnosis can be used to overcome many problems while there are others who have no faith in hypnosis. There are different modes and methods of treatment like natural, allopathic, homoeopathic, ayurvedic etc. Every person has a different view, choice or preference when it comes to the treatment of chronic illnesses. Very often in the case of mental issues people resort to prescription drugs, these don’t have much effect and are not able to deal with it at the grass root level. In cases like this one is left with no other option but to seek alternative forms of treatment, this is where hypnosis plays a major role. Lack of knowledge concerning a certain method of treatment normally gives rise to misconceptions, so is the case with hypnosis. As with all other treatments hypnosis has disadvantages and advantages as well, however there is a lot of misconception of the same.

We have been given to understand that there are several cases where hypnosis has been used to successfully eradicate illnesses. In chronic cases there is no cent percent guarantee that hypnosis can be relied on however hypnosis can be used to reduce pain. Hypnosis is used to reduce pain both pre and post surgery, many of these patients generally exhibit a speedy recovery and are discharged much earlier than the required amount of time for recuperation. It can be used as an alternative to anesthesia as well. Hypnosis is also proved to be helpful in curing insomnia, reduce smoking, and rectify speech problems, overcoming fears and reducing stress levels. For best results where mental diseases are concerned one can resort to the use of hypnosis. The use of hypnotic therapies have been highly recommended for mentally handicapped people, other mental illnesses that can be cured using hypnosis are schizophrenia, phobias, amnesia and depression.

There are more advantages in comparison to the disadvantages where hypnosis is concerned. It is instrumental in calming thoughts and restoring normalcy once again, hypnosis also helps by bringing about changes in a patient’s behavior. The subconscious is that part of our mind that never rests, it is here that every thought is generated that directly influences our life and the decisions we take. Using hypnotic techniques a hypnotherapist is able to clear a person’s subconscious of negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. A person under the influence of hypnotism is generally in a subconscious state this helps the hypnotherapist to bring about an alteration in the person’s thought process. Many folks develop a negative attitude over a period of time; we can’t help but think negatively in every situation. This is not healthy, I have some good news for people who suffer with a negative attitude, and that is hypnosis.  Hypnosis is the right approach if you are looking for a positive change, having a positive attitude in life will take you a long way.

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