How to Unlock Your Mind Power to Attract Success, Money and Friends?


This chapter will explain in details how to find the inner power within you to attract success, love, money and friends. We all, sometimes, need to look within ourselves to finding our inner power. In order to unlock our inner mind power to attract success, money, and friends we need to find ourselves first.

We need to hunt for our inner power by thinking positive and we can do this by exploring self-talk. Our minds learn negative things from other people. For instance as a child someone might have told you that you couldn’t walk a mile to the store so you didn’t even try. Maybe someone told you that the job you applied for, as a child wasn’t the one for you. The more you heard this, the more your subliminal mind took in the negative notes and somewhere it is buried waiting for you to pull it up and let it go.

Our mind will pick up on negative and positive notes and store these negative thoughts releasing them later when we least expect them to. Later on in age, we might apply for a new job or want to start a new career. You self talk can and will sometimes tell us to forget that job because it isn’t for us. If we think positive that this is the job or career we want than we are build up our self-confidence to succeed. We can do anything we want if you have a positive attitude that it can be done and with success.

Finding our inner power sometimes may mean we need to make changes about how we live, think, our career or health. Making changes means we need to pull up all of our negative thoughts and trash them. Change the negative thoughts to being positive and we can grow in success, money, and friends.

Reprogram your mind and brain by repeating things out loud in a soft voice, telling yourself that you will make changes in your life. You are going to make goals and stick to them in order to relieve stress; you will change your attitude about things that have happened in the past. If your continue repeating your changes you will reprogram your mind and brain to overpower the negative thoughts to become a positive thinker.

Reprogramming your mind and brain to find your inner power takes time, skill, and patience. We don’t do this over night; it took awhile to decide that changes needed to be made now it will take time to make them positive changes.

Finding your inner power to unlock to attract success, money, and friends by thinking positive and using self-talk. Set your goals and write them down on paper. When something is in writing it will make them more positive and bring them to life quicker.

Now with positive thoughts decide how and when you are going to meet these goals. This is going to mean changes in different way that your not used to so you have a lot of hard work ahead of you.

Each day reread your goals for a new beginning in life. Keep them near so you can use these to help reprogram your mind and brain to overcome the negative thoughts. If you should begin to think negative, read your goals for success.

Finding success, money and friends means you need to find yourself first. Continue to think positive each day so that you can unlock your mind power to attract success, money and friends.

Usually you find success, money and then friends will follow. Improve your life.

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