How To Change Negative Thoughts in Children Using Mind Power Techniques!


When children are young they have positive thoughts. They don’t bear with negative thoughts. They also have dreams and goals when they are young. They want to become an educated and reputed personal in the society. As they grow up and hear things, they begin to think negative thoughts. When they hear someone else say that they can’t do something or someone may say to them that they won’t be able to do this or that. Children will learn from what they hear and eventually they truly believe that they can’t do it.

We have to teach our children how to conquer the negative thoughts and change them to believe in themselves to succeed.

Children don’t always understand what you mean when you tell them to think positive and to unlock their mind power to succeed. We have to reprogram their brain and mind by repeating positive suggestions to them as often as possible.

When your child gives up trying something just nicely say to them “sure you can do this, let’s work on it.” This is a positive statement and offers help them learn how to finish the task. Talking positive to your child teaches them to be positive person and will help to achieve his goals, success, money and making friends.

Encouragement goes along ways when teaching your child to learn that they can do something if they want to by putting forth a little hard work and effort. Our children learn their skills from us as a parent as they age. They will pick up and learn from us without us even realizing what is happening.

If we as a parent think negative thoughts all the time it is going to ware off on our children. Soon they will be using the same words or actions in their life. For instance if they hear us say “there is not way I’ll succeed in doing this” you are thinking negative now. If you can’t do something, how can we teach our children they can succeed?

Set a good example for your children by using positive thinking and self-talk to attract success, money and friends. Set goals that you and your child can work on and discuss how you can make changes to improve your skills and habits. Talking to your child on how important these goals are to success, money and friends.

Put reward at the end of each goal. This will give your child something to work for when they succeed each goal. When we have a reward, it is much more fun than working hard for nothing. Try rewarding them with something that will relate to each goal and one big one when the list is completed.

For instance if one of the goals is to learn to ride that old bike in the garage by their birthday they can have that new one they want at the store. Tell them when they learn to count to 50 you’ll give them 50cents.

Learn to ride a bike you get a new one or count you get money. Make the rewards simple but the goals need to be a challenge in order for them to realize that by being positive they can learn to do something new.

Make goals for you and your child with positive thinking to success which is good for both of you. You will be having one on one time together while you’re teaching your child how to reach goals in their young life. Your reward is noted when your child will learn to think positive to attract success, money and friends. Keep pressing to positive thinking and you will find the mind unlock giving you power, which in turn will attract success, money and friends. Find your health.

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